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La versione ufficiale del modulo di pagamento per Ubercart BBA Bonfico Bancario Anticipato è per Ubercart 1.x,

quindi non compatibile con la versione 2.x.

Fatta qualche modifichina al file uc_pm_bonifico.info sembra andare correttamente, almeno nei miei test.

Scaricate la versione originale e sostituite il file uc_pm_bonifico.info con quello in aggiornato.





salve, quando cerco di scricare il file ottengo questo messaggio:
Page not found
The requested page could not be found
grazie, ettore

Grazie per la segnalazione, sistemato, ho fatto un pò di confuzione con Git :)

ciao io l'ho scaricato è questo è il suo contenuto: qualcosa non quadra con i permessi

403 Forbidden


You don't have permission to access /sites/default/files/downloads/uc_pm_bonifico.info on this server.

Grazie per la segnalazione, sistemato

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This aritlce keeps it real, no doubt.

Working on setting up the coanitiondl actions for tax right now, and I'm stuck. I'm using all of the latest known good versions of Drupal, ubercart, etc. When I add a new tax rate, then go to configure the condition, I get stuck. Maybe I'm not using the right field to compare to in the pull-down, but when I select what I've seen in a few other sites as examples, my state pull-down is empty, and I can't continue. Am I possibly missing an optional module? Very frustrating. Should be simple, and from what I read, it usually is for others installs. I can't seem to Google the right thing in order to get documentation or examples enough to help. Any links or thoughts to get me aimed in the right direction?Thanks.

great post! I just came across this blog post loikong for the same info on ubercart tax rates. could you elaborate a little bit on how you set up the rules? i applied the tax rate, but can't figure out the right conditional actions to implement it.

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