PostgreSQL 9.1 Beta 2 now available




The second beta release of PostgreSQL 9.1 is now available.  This beta fixes several issues reported with 9.1 beta 1.  All users should help the project by downloading and testing PostgreSQL 9.1 beta 2 as soon as they can.

Many users have already helped us by testing Beta 1 and reporting issues they encountered with it.  The most significant of these issues caused Windows versions of PostgreSQL to segfault when trying to process datetime
input strings containing keywords such as 'now' or 'infinity'.

Among the other issues fixed in the beta2 release are:

* Numerous issues related to per-column collations
* Numerous issues related to Serializable Snapshot Isolation
* Fixes to new pg_ctl modes
* Making pg_upgrade work with all new 9.1 features
* Fix ability to build PostgreSQL under MSVC
* Problems with domains over arrays
* Problems with unlogged tables
* Changes in "peer" authentication over Unix socket connections
* Assorted fixes in plperl
* Documentation additions and improvements
* Translation updates

If you tested 9.1 features earlier and reported bugs with Beta 1 or earlier alphas, please download Beta 2 and test that these issues are resolved.  Users who are able to help with testing version 9.1 should please read the Beta Testing HOWTO:

Since this is a beta version, it is not considered ready for production use.  However, the list of features and the APIs is now stable, so application developers can begin developing applications against 9.1. This beta may be followed by more beta releases and one or more release candidates before final release.

This beta is being released in source form and in one-click installers for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.  Native Linux packages and binaries for other operating systems may follow in the next couple weeks.

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