Dropbox on Debian server, command line mode

How to use Dropbox cloud based file sharing on Debian squeeze in command line mode.

Dropbox (www.dropbox.com) is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, BlackBerry OS e Android and have a free account with 2GB of free space, plus more free space for user invitation.

PostgreSQL Magazine #01 is out !

PostgreSQL Magazine #01

Here's a quick view of the ToC :

 - PostgreSQL 9.1 : 10 awesome new features
 - NoSQL : The Key Value store everyone ignored
 - Interview : Stefan Kaltenbrunner
 - Opinion : Funding PostgreSQL Features
 - Waiting for 9.2 : Cascading Streaming Replication
 - Tips & Tricks : PostgreSQL in Mac OS X Lion

The magazine is available online and on paper. You can either :

PostgreSQL Conference Europe 2012

PostgreSQL Conference Europe 2012, will be held on October 23-26 in Prague, The Czech Republic, at the Corinthia hotel. You can expect three days packed with presentations about PostgreSQL and related technologies, one day of extended trainings, and the usual hallway and social track!